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An enhanced break room or area becomes an employee morale builder by using refreshment solutions from Lotus Vending Inc. at: 779.777.8777 or

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Lotus Vending Inc. offers your business the following benefits:


♦ Wide variety of snack items – Your customers and employees can take advantage of a range of different snack items that we can provide. Employees at the businesses we supply report a greater level of productivity, as well as a high satisfaction level with our products and services. It’s harder to measure customers because they are not routinely asked or monitored, but we are working on this with the launching of our review program in the fall. We will be asking for customer and client feedback. Our client base reports a greater satisfaction level with our products than with their previous suppliers.

♦ No-Cost to your business – All of our machines and products are placed and there is no cost or responsibility to you.

♦ Choice of products – If you want to control the items dispensed by any machine, simply choose from our list of products and we’ll stock only those items. Alternatively, we will stock machines with a wide variety of items. Customers and staff with allergies or other health problems will benefit from our machines all being properly labeled with notifications of products that have or may have come in contact with peanuts.

♦ Approved Vendor for the National Children’s – Lotus Vending Inc. has forged a relationship with the National Children’s Cancer Society in our efforts to give back For ease of bookkeeping, we make a regular monthly donation to the charity based on the number of machines we have on location. We also have affiliations with other local Charities. Our NCCS information is available upon request.

In summary, choosing Lotus Vending Inc. to supply your business with vending machines is a win-win situation. We also have bulk, candy, and toy vending machines available upon request. What’s not to like? Call or email us to get started today!


Lotus Vending Inc. is committed to maintaining our machines in the best condition and to restocking all items in a timely manner.

The snack levels, numbers of stock items, and change dispensers are monitored via web-based software for each vending machine. Our personnel has access to this information from remote sites, so they can respond quickly to any need for restocking or service. Machines are cleaned and checked every time our personnel visits your site.

Our personnel regularly perform the following checks. Times and dates of these checks are kept on record in our head office as well as our customized software.

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When machines are installed at your facility, we will consult with your staff to schedule service/restocking visits for minimum disruption to normal activities. You may also contact your assigned service person at any time to report a problem or concern.

We have never experienced an accident or major problem with Lotus Vending Inc’s machines or products. However, to protect your employees and customers and the property of your business in the event that an unfortunate event does occur, Lotus Vending Inc. carries commercial liability policy on each of its machines.


When considering the placement of a vending machine, you naturally want to know how much space is required. See the measurements below.

Machine Dimensions and Weights

Snack Machines – 28 inches wide at the base, 72 inches high, 32 inches deep,

approximately 500lbs when filled with products. (pictures are attached)

Soda Machines – 39.5 inches wide at the base, 72 inches high, 32.5 inches deep,

approximately 635lbs when filled with products. (pictures are attached)

Bulk Candy Machines – 18 inches wide at the base, 48 inches high, 14 inches deep, approximately 30lbs when filled with products. (pictures are attached)

Spiral Gumball Machines- 21 inches wide at the base, 60 inches high. Approximately 60lbs when filled with product. (pictures are attached)

Footprint Comparison

The dimensions of our machines and the access space required are typical of standard snack, soda, gumball, or candy vending machines. We’re proud to state that our bulk candy, toy machines, and gumball machines generally require no electricity. If a full-line machine is requested, electricity will be required.


Famous Amos
Little Debbie’s Donuts
Honey Buns
Cheetos/Hot Cheetos/Cheeto Puffs
Hot Fries/Takis
Funyuns/Hot Funyuns
Nutter Butter
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Nature Valley Bars
Cliff Bars
Smartfood Popcorn
Veggie Chips/Veggie Fries
Keebler Crackers
Ritz Bits
Gumballs Dubble Bubble
Gumballs Nerds
Planters Peanuts
Hot Tamales
Corn Nuts
Jelly Beans Gourmet
Reese’s Cups/Reese’s Pieces
M&Ms (All Varieties)
Gum (All Varieties)
Mike and Ike
Spree Chewy
Sunflower Seeds
Trail Mix
Mt.Dew/Ginger Ale
And More Upon Request

About Us

Lotus Vending Inc. was launched in 2023 with the plans to provide all of our clients and their customers with a no-cost/ worry-free solution, providing vending machines in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to be the most reliable vending machines supplier in our area. In addition to our bulk vending machines and our standard full-line machines, we offer our full-line vending services with completely healthy options of snacks and juices.

Since 2023, our business has grown from an original number of 3 vending machines to the current total of 9 machines placed in alone. We’re proud to have our machines in department stores, retail locations, hair salons, barbershops, as well as in many other franchises, and private businesses.

We are uniquely positioned to offer you the placement of Vending machines in your business or franchise locations. Lotus Vending Inc. is headquartered in Chicago IL. Our company is family-owned and operated. Our routes are serviced by our local service representatives, who are your neighbors.

Products – We offer a wide variety of snacks in our vending machines. See the Products page attached for a list of individual items. We offer three types of vending machines: bulk vending machines, toy vending machines, unrefrigerated snack machines, refrigerated drink machines, and combo machines; which hold both drinks and snacks.

Services – Our vending machines are computerized. This allows our service representatives to check on products from a distance and restock before any selection runs out.

How To Contact Vending

Lotus Vending Inc.
Chicago, IL


Website: www.LotusVendingInc.Com

If you are interested in using our services for your business, please send confirmation via email. For businesses with multiple locations, please send a list of all the approved locations along with corporate approval letters via email to Lotus Vending Inc. as well as the local district managers and individual store managers so that we can contact them.


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